Small escapes

[original title:  Les petites fugues]

Switzerland 1979. 35, colour, 145 min.

Image: Les petites fugues Image: Les petites fugues

Pipe, an elderly farmworker, experiences an exemplary transformation during 30 years of work on the same farm. The film shows how he buys a small motor-cycle, and how this small step represents the beginning of his liberation from his dependence and submission, and the development of independence and an autonomous existence. The film also describes, by way of contrast, a critical phase in the life of the farm and the Duperrex family, Pipe's employers - a period of crisis, change, and the overthrowal of accepted values. Pipe's individual destiny upsets and disturbs the normal life of the farm to an ever-increasing degree, and his experiences threaten to jeopardize the members of the group to which he belongs. Symbolically, the film describes a possible journey into the future which has all the appearances of desirability: independence.

DirectorYves Yersin
ScriptClaude Muret, Yves Yersin
WithMichel Robin, Fabienne Barraud, Laurent Sandoz, Mista Préchac, Fred Personne, Dore de Rosa
PhotographyRobert Alasraki
SoundLuc Yersin
EditingYves Yersin
MusicLeon Francioli
Duration145 min.
Screening formats35
Shooting format35
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Contact, World RightsYves Yersin
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+41 79 277 72 59
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich (Robert Boner)